WALLPAPER: Air Lift Performance Audi R8 @ Lansing Brewing Company

What makes a great location for a vehicle photoshoot? Is the backdrop filled with mile-high mountains? Or is it the bright lights and harsh concrete of a city at night? Here at Air Lift Performance we like to do things a little bit differently and, for our most recent performance suspension kit, we decided to combine our two […]

Air Lift Performance Lexus LS400 (1989-2000) Performance Air Suspension Kit

Nothing quite says luxury like a sleek, big-body Lexus slammed to the ground. Boasting California walnut on the interior and chrome trim on the exterior, the LS400 represents all the best elements of 90s VIP motoring. The only thing it needed to make it even better was a low show stance, courtesy of Air Lift […]

#LIFEONAIR: Jason Zeigler’s VW Mk7 Golf R

Ultimate Dubs unearthed some pretty special Air Lift Performance-equipped rides. One of our favorites was this Mk7 VW Golf R belonging to London-based Jason Zeigler. Proudly displayed on the Car Audio & Security stand in the main hall, Jason’s Mk7 R is a great example of speed and style working in perfect harmony – something we firmly […]

GALLERY: Air Lift Performance @ Ultimate Dubs 2017

Ultimate Dubs is a pretty self-explanatory show. Take one indoor venue – located centrally within the UK no less – and then invite hundreds of high-quality show cars along. The end result, as you’d expect, is a weekend spent drooling over all the latest styles and car builds happening within the UK scene. And that’s […]

#LIFEONAIR: Dwane Thompson’s aired-out Vauxhall Adam

You know what we love the most about the tuning scene? All the thinking outside the box. At a show like Ultimate Dubs, it’s very easy to become accustomed to a certain style of tuning. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this (it is your car after all), it’s equally as refreshing to see something […]

3P/3H Controllers – Notice

WHERE’S MY 3P/3H CONTROLLER? I opened my box, where is my controller? We’re experiencing a delay in getting controllers for the 3P and 3H control systems. We are currently shipping these systems without a controller to ensure you don’t miss out on a great show season. We’re expecting to ship out controllers to those who […]

Get to know: Air Lift Performance 3P

Air Lift Performance 3P is the result of three years of development and testing and represents the pinnacle of pressure based air suspension management. 3P combines pressure-based control with the ability to add ride-height sensing technology with the upgrade to height sensors.The unique ability to upgrade to height makes it a great starting point to […]

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