Ultimate Dubs unearthed some pretty special Air Lift Performance-equipped rides. One of our favorites was this Mk7 VW Golf R belonging to London-based Jason Zeigler. Proudly displayed on the Car Audio & Security stand in the main hall, Jason’s Mk7 R is a great example of speed and style working in perfect harmony – something we firmly believe in!


This isn’t the first Golf R that Jason has owned, nor is it the first car he’s equipped with an Air Lift Performance air suspension. As part of the Car Audio & Security team, Jason knows all too well the benefits associated with upgrading to air, so it was pretty obvious which direction his Mk7 R build was heading! What’s more, our Mk7 R kit is one of the most comprehensive to date.


For the front axle, we added our smooth-riding, double-bellows air springs to a pair of threaded-body, monotube struts. The 30 levels of damping adjustment allow for you go from race car stiff to a comfortable ride with just the twist of a knob. Top all that off with a T6061 aluminum adjustable camber plate covered in a sexy red hue and this all equates to performance handling, killer ride quality and the ability to slam the front end 4.8” from stock.


The rear suspension was treated to double-bellows air springs in the place of the factory coil spring, giving you a 5.8” drop from original stock height. We also replaced the factory OEM control arm with our industry-first, CNC laser-cut, robotically welded lower control arm to help deliver the maximum drop and cornering ability. To help keep things under control, we added monotube shocks with 30 levels of damping adjustability to match the front — for the ultimate in handling and ride comfort!


With the Air Lift Performance suspension installed, Jason then turned his attention to the all-important wheel department. His eyes went right to Rotiform’s latest cast LSR, and the pair on his Golf R just so happens to be the first set in the UK. These 19 inch cast wheels are perfectly suited to the Mk7 Golf platform and, judging by how good Jason’s car looks, we can see ’em being a BIG hit throughout 2017.


Stylish, slammed and packing a 300 bhp punch, Jason’s Mk7 R is the perfect all-rounder for the daily commute, show season or track day. Check out https://www.instagram.com/f3jbl/ for more pictures and updates on the build.



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