Air Lift Performance 3P is the result of three years of development and testing and represents the pinnacle of pressure based air suspension management.


3P combines pressure-based control with the ability to add ride-height sensing technology with the upgrade to height sensors.The unique ability to upgrade to height makes it a great starting point to 3H, but it’s the sophistication of the pressure control that is the real draw.


Air Lift Performance 3P features the latest Air Lift Performance controller, a device that is truly amazing to hold and to use. What’s more you can take full control of your 3P system with a FREE mobile app with no additional hardware needed, for all compatible Android and Apple devices.


By combining the ECU, pressure manifold, and Bluetooth module into one compact unit, the latest Air Lift Performance manifold takes up less space than multiple components and helps you created a stunning air install easier than ever. Five pressure presets are available and the system quickly adjusts to and maintains pressure presets with the push of a button. You can even control your vehicle remotely without the ignition powered at a show, simply turn your vehicle off and continue to control your air management via the controller or FREE mobile app.


We’ve designed Air Lift Performance 3P to be intuitive to use and simple to install. The key components of this system require less drilling, wiring, and take up less space than other air management systems for a cleaner install. A rise on start function means you can just turn the key and go, the system will take you right to your programmed ride height.


Air Lift Performance 3P is durable, we torture tested the system to ensure years of trouble free, weather resistant use. This means the manifold and controller have undergone 3,000,000 cycles on a test rig, simulating 300,000 miles on a vehicle. The components have all been tested in various hydro simulations to ensure they are water resistant and baked to a blistering 167°F (74°C) then arctic chilled to -40°F to ensure they will work, whatever your climate. Because of this rigorous test program every 3H/3P system is covered against manufacturer defects with a limited lifetime warranty. Buying Air Lift Performance products means that you get access to our industry-leading customer service and technical support.

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